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Northwest Ohio HSTW/MMGW Literacy Demonstration Classroom Project videos


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NE Webinar:  Planning Rigorous and Relevant Instruction - 9/14/2010
Webinar Video

Central Southeast Region Best Practices Showcase 4/29/2015
Google Gizmo: Effective Strategies Using Google for Research - Warren High School

Central Southeast Region Best Practices Showcase 4/29/2015
Peer Collaborators:  Teaching Students to Help Students - Alexander Junior/Senior High School

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2016 CSE Best Practices Showcase
Differentiation Through Groups - Buckeye Valley Middle School
Excellence With Collaborative Scheduling - Ironton High School
Improving Your School's Climate - Clay High School
Preparing For The Future - Bloom Carroll HS
The Think Tank - Rock Hill High School

2016 NE Region Best Practice Showcase 5-5-2016
End of Year Best Practice Showcase PowerPoint - Diana Rogers
Mindset Handouts

2017 CSE Best Practice Showcase
Athens HS - Track At Risk Students Power Point
Athens HS Best Practice Power Point
R. Glenn Ray Lunch PowerPoint

21st Century Skills
21st Century Skills Fact Sheet - NE Region Re-connect 9-14-10
C/SE 21st Century Skills Workshop 9-23-10 - PowerPoint

Addressing the Needs of the Underserved, College-bound Students
Dorothy Dolasky Handouts
Eric Troy Handouts 2-27-12

Advisement and High Schools That Work: Designing a Quality System That Involves Students, Teachers, and Parents - PowerPoint - Dr. Ken Prichard 4/14/10

Assessment & Testing
Next Generation Teaching & Testing - Shannon Pence - PowerPoint

Best Practice Showcase
5/7/2013 Teachers Working Together: Responding to Mass Educational Change - Barlow-Vincent Elementary - C/SE Best Practice Showcase
Analyzing Student Data Through PLC's, Heritage MS - NE Best Practice Showcase 5/10
Balanced Assessment System - Dr. Michael White
Energy Systems and BioScience, Cuyahoga Valley CC - PowerPoint - NE CC Best Practice Showcase 4/21/10
Engagement - The Search for Rigor, Canton Timken HS - NE Best Practice Showcase 5/10
Formative Assessment & Grading, Bill Holko - NE Best Practice Showcase 5/10
Good News Bad News and Total Nonsense - Dr. Michael White
Green Workforce, ODE - PowerPoint - NE CC Best Practice Showcase 4/21/10
Issue 1, Ohio's Third Frontier - PowerPoint - NE CC Best Practice Showcase 4/21/10
Late Stage Intervention, Closing the Achievement Gap, Venita Kelley - NE Best Practice Showcase 5/10
NE Best Practice Showcase 5-2016 PowerPoint - Diana Rogers
Nontraditional Students, Trumbull CTC - PowerPoint - NE CC Best Practice Showcase 4/21/10

Central/Southeast Region Best Practices Showcase - 4/29/2015
Engagement Matters: Closing the Achievement Gap - PowerPoint - Dr. Antoinette Miranda
Making Time for Student Success! - PowerPoint - Pickaway-Ross CTC
PBL-Inspired Collaboration Produces Positive Results - PowerPoint - Collins CC
Successful Students, Prosperous Communities: Connecting Work, School Community for Careers - Marietta HS - Handouts

Coaches Training - June 9, 2016
Aligning Key Practices w/LRC
LRC Analysis Worksheet
LRC Components - Key Practice Questions
Meandering Toward Graduation
Overview of 2016 Ohio School Report Cards-ODE
Pathways For Success - Tisha Lewis, ODE
Report Card Guide

College and Career Readiness
The Role of Business in College and Career Readiness - Jim Stone
The Role of K-8 in College and Career Readiness - Jim Stone

Course Syllabi
How to Write a Course Syllabus Preview - NE Region Re-Connect 9-14-10

CSE Best Practices Showcase - May, 2014
"Scaffolding LDC and MDC for Special Populations" - Whitehall-Yearling HS
Career Search Course - Marietta HS
Creating Video Lessons for the Classroom - Mid-East CTC, Zanesville
Description of Grading Policies - Warren HS
If you want to reassess a summative assignment - Warren HS
Link to Prezi used during Marietta HS Presentation
Luncheon Presentation - PowerPoint - Dr. Starcher
On-Line Career Exploration Course - Bloom-Carroll HS
Reassessment Sign-up Sheet - Warren HS
Requirements for Reassessing a Summative Assignment - Warren HS
Summative Assessments Learning Log - Warren HS
The High School Litterbox - PowerPoint - Warren HS
Websites for Handouts - Marietta HS Presentation
Work, College, Career Ready! - Marietta HS

CSE Principal/Site Coordinator Forum
9-17-2015 - Leadership in HSTW/MMGW Schools - Steve Broome
9-19-2013 - Preparing Our Students for the 21st Century Classroom - Linda Jordan
9-25-2014 - College and Career Ready in the 21st Century - James Stone

FY10 Webinars
Assessing Grade-Level Rigor
Developing a School-Wide Literacy Plan
Developing a School-Wide Numeracy Plan
Developing Effective School Improvement Teams
Establishing an Effective Advisor/Advisee Program
Motivating Students to Participate in Assessments
Using Multiple Sources of Data to Monitor Success
Using the Technical Assistance Visit Report

Grading Practices
Grading Practices - NE Region Re-connect 9-14-10
What is Standards-based Grading?--NE Region Re-connect 9-14-10

HSTW/MMGW Reconnect - Northeast Region 9-21-16
Connecting the Dots
Fall Reconnect PowerPoint
Reading & Writing Standards Chart

HSTW/MMGW Reconnect - Northeast Region 9-21-16 - ALL TEACHERS ARE LITERACY TEACHERS
All Teachers are Literacy Teachers PowerPoint
Argumentative Rubric
LDC Work at Ravenna High School
LDC Writing Rubric

HSTW/MMGW Reconnect - Northeast Region 9-21-16 - EFFECTIVE SCHOOL LEADERSHIP TEAMS
Effective School Leadership Teams PowerPoint
Resources for Teacher Teams
TBT Rubric

HSTW/MMGW Reconnect - Northeast Region 9-21-16 - FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT & MDC
Estimating Length - Scientific Notation
FAL Alignment Algebra 1
FAL Alignment Geometry
FAL Alignment Grade 7 Math
FAL Alignment Grade 8 Math

HSTW/MMGW Reconnect - Northeast Region 9-21-16 - MEASURING GROWTH
2015 - 2016 Report Card Indicators
2015-2016 Cut Score Changes
ACT Profile Report 2016 Ohio Graduates
Legislative Update ACTE Fuly 2016 PowerPoint
Ohio ACT Profile Report
OLRC Spreadsheet
The Condition of College & Career Readiness

HSTW/MMGW Reconnect - Northeast Region 9-21-16 - MINDSETS
Mindsets - Game Change, Brain Changer
Mindsets - How We Got Started (Norton Middle School)

HSTW/MMGW Reconnect - Northeast Region 9-21-16 - REFLECTING ON DATA
Reflections 2014-16 Survey Results
Reflections 2016 Surveys PowerPoint

HSTW/MMGW Reconnect - Northeast Region 9-21-16 - STANDARDS-BASED GRADING
Intro to SBG and Reporting
SBG Questions for Reflection

Leadership/Focus Teams
Developing Effective Leadership Teams - NE Region Re-connect 9-14-10

NE Literacy Workshop 10-22-11
NE Literacy Workshop 12-03-11
NE Literacy Workshop Handouts 2-25-12

NE Math Formative Assessment Handouts 10-22-11
NE Math Workshop Session 2 Handouts 12-3-11

Northwest Region Case Studies
Hardin Northern High School and Middle School Case Study
Patrick Henry Middle School Case Study
Van Wert High School Case Study

HSTW/MMGW Sites Fiscal Year 2016
FY12 HSTW/MMGW Ohio & National Resource List
Ohio HSTW/MMGW Performance Rubric

Ohio Regions FY17 Coaches Training-August 18, 2016
HSTW Revised Key Practices
HSTW Survey Results Worksheet
MMGW Key Practices
MMGW Survey Results Worksheet
Process Outline
Report Card Analysis
Rpt. Card & HSTW Data PPT

Re-Do/Power of 'I'
Key Elements of an Effective Re-Do Policy - NE Region Re-connect 9-14-10
Power of I Summary Analysis - NE Region Re-connect 9-14-10
ZEROS Revised - NE Region Reconnect 9-14-10

Rigor, Relevance, Relationship
Bloom's Taxonomy Revised 2-17-10--NE Region Re-connect 9-14-10
Rigor PowerPoint, Jim Miles, International Center for Leadership
Rigor Relevance Relationship Daggett Diagram - NE Region Re-connect 9-14-10
RigorRelevance Relationships for ALL Students Handout, May 10, 2011
Using the Rigor Relevance Framework - Webinar Handout--NE Region Re-connect 9-14-10

Senior Projects
HSTW Senior Project Survey Results - NE Region Re-connect 9-14-10

Worked-Based Learning: Best Practices 2/24/2016 NE Region
2016 Summer Internships Announcement - Lakota Local Schools
Developing Business Partnerships for Student Internships - Lakota Local Schools
Internship Article - T&E Teachers - Lakota Local Schools
Job Shadow Presentation PowerPoint - Mahoning County CTC
Work-Based Learning Guide 2015 - Ohio Department of Education
Work-Based Learning Presentation PowerPoint - Washington HS

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