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C/SE Region

Central/Southeast Region

Central/Southeast Region WELCOME to the Central/Southeast Ohio HSTW web page.

Regional Facts:
The Central/SE Region serves school districts in 25 counties in central, southern, and southeastern Ohio. Fourteen high schools, six 7-12 schools, one 5-12 school, seven career centers, and fifteen middle schools are currently implementing HSTW and MMGW. In addition, we support several school systems involved in the exploring or planning phases of HSTW and MMGW.

Our commitment is to serve the schools in the region by advocating and supporting full
implementation of the goals, key conditions, and key practices of the HSTW/MMGW whole-school improvement frameworks.

Services provided by the CSE Ohio region include:

  • Professional development offered in various locations across the region
  • On-site coaching
  • Forums for collaboration among sites on best practices, issues, and concerns
  • Distribution of pertinent resource materials
  • On-site professional development based on school need

What's Making News!

HSTW/MMGW Central/SE Region

Welcome new implementing HSTW/MMGW sites for FY17:

  • Athens High School
  • Fairfield Union High School
  • Ironton High School
  • Madison Plains Jr. High
  • Shenandoah High School
  • Shenandoah Middle School
  • Warren Middle School

Welcome new superintendents:

  • Chad Belville - Fairfield Union Local
  • Dan Leffingwell - Noble Local
  • Dean Nancy - Ironton City
  • Kasey Cottrill - Caldwell Exmpt. Village
  • Tom Gibbs - Athens City 

Welcome new principals and directors:

  • Brandi Cupp - Welson Middle School
  • Brent Taylor - Warren Middle School
  • Dan Wesson - Shenandoah Middle School
  • Jason Weese - Madison Plains Jr. HS
  • Todd Bradford - Marietta Middle School
  • Brian Verde - Fairfield Union HS
  • Chad Springer - Athens HS (Asst. Principal)
  • David Hanning - Athens High School 
  • Matt Unger - Madison Plains HS
  • Jay Poroda - Tolles Career Center
  • Joe Rowe - Ironton High School
  • Justin Denius - Shenandoah HS
  • Karen Kubota - Fort Frye High School
  • Keith Arnold - Mid-East CTC - Buffalo
  • Rachael Tullius - Fort Frye HS (Assist. Principal)
  • Sandy Clonch - Alexander Local - (Curriculum Director)


Welcome new site coordinators:

  • April Totten - Fairfield Union High School
  • Christy Ritterbeck - Athens High School
  • Jason Weese - Madison-Plains High School
  • Josh Moore - Mid-East Buffalo
  • Mary Wryst - Athens High School
  • Nichole Hicks - Ironton High School
  • Stacey Lori - Shenandoah High School
  • Wayne Hanzel - Athens High School
  • Angie Seymour - Wellston Middle School
  • Courtney Smith - Bloom Carroll Middle School
  • David O'Brien - Wellston Middle School
  • Geoffrey Stokes - Madison Plains Jr. HS
  • Jim Roberts - Warren Middle School
  • Justin Erb - Caldwell Middle School
  • Kathy Miller - Bloom Carroll Middle School
  • Miki Rowland - Warren Middle School
  • Mindy Neff - Shenandoah Middle School
  • Tammy Asanuma - Buckeye Valley MS


Eighth Annual Best Practices Showcase - 4/27/2016


Thank you to everyone who attended the Best Practices Showcase at OU Inn on April 27.  We continue to have a great turnout.  Thanks to all those schools who gave presentations.  We heard many positive comments about them.  If you would like copies of the handouts for the presentations you can find them on the Resources page under the heading of 2016 CSE Best Practices Showcase.

Regional Coordinator 
Joyce Odor
PH:  740-349-6098
FAX:  740-670-5016

Project Assistant 
Melanee Iden
PH:  740-349-6098
FAX:  740-670-5016


Project Assistant
Angie Smith
PH:  740-349-6098
FAX:  740-670-5016

Mailing Address
HSTW Central/SE Ohio Region
c/o Licking County ESC
145 North Quentin Road
Newark, OH 43055