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WELCOME to the HSTW Northeast (NE) Ohio Region web page.

Regional Facts: The HSTW NE Ohio Region is a partnership of school districts and schools engaged in comprehensive systemic school reform in support of a "one plan" approach for school improvement.  Our commitment is to serve the schools in the region by advocating and supporting full implementation of the goals, key conditions and key practices of the HSTW and MMGW school improvement frameworks as a research-proven, whole-school approach to improve student achievement.

The NE Region  currently serves 24 school districts in 13 counties in northeastern Ohio--27 high schools and 7 career centers implementing High Schools That Work (HSTW), and 19 middle schools implementing Making Middle Grades Work (MMGW).  In addition, we support several middle and high schools and district involved in the exploring or planning phases of HSTW and MMGW.

Grants, services and network opportunities provided include:

  • HSTW/MMGW State Grant Funding for implementing sites through the CCIP
  • Technical Assistance for implementing sites to include coaching and embedded professional development
  • Multiple Assessment Targets for implementing sites to include:  Site Review Process (SRP) and Report
  • Active Networking for all sites through reconnects, visits to sites, conferences and meetings at the region, state and national levels.  In addition, HSTW Ohio Network, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, supports the efforts of HSTW NE Ohio Region and the Ohio School Improvement Institute .  This organization provides superintendent and principal leaders with opportunities to network and collaborate on proven, research-based practices that increase student achievement.

This region also works collaboratively and networks with other organizations:  Battelle STEM Learning Network, East Central Regional Center, Educational Service Centers, Literacy Design Collaborative, Math Design Collaborative, Ohio ACTE, Ohio ASCD, Ohio College Tech Prep Regional Centers, and State Support Teams.


Welcome New Leaders:


  • Traci, Hostetler, East Palestine City School District
  • Donald Jolly II, Warrensville Heights City School District
  • Charles Sincere, Springfield Local Schools
  • Stephen Stohla, Interim Superintendent, Youngstown City Schools
  • Ron Iaruss, Mahoning County CTC 
  • Chris Clark, Black River Local Schools  

District Administrators/Supervisors:

  • Tamea Culver, Executive Director to the  Superintendent, Warrensville Heights City School District
  • Alaina Kilpatrick, Curriculum, East Palestine City School District
  • Janet McDowell, Warrensville Heights High School
  • Shaun Morgan, Springfield High School/Junior High School
  • Chris Neifer, East Palestine High School
  • Brent Schremp, Brookside High School
  • Martin Yoder, Black River High School
  • Tammy Starkey, Black River Middle School

Site Coordinators:

  • Sue Allison, Columbiana County CTC
  • Clair DeChant, Brookside High School
  • Kristen Ellis, Akron East CLC
  • Jess Schremp, Brookside Middle School
  • Tom Carver, Black River High School 


Cindy Rolfe, Fiscal and Project Manager, Kristin Sockman, Administrative Assistant

Site Coaches
Barb Baltrinic, Gwen Bryant, Cindy Harris, Barb Nichols, Diana Rogers, Angela Smith, Jack Tomasko, and Andy Tommelleo

For more information on HSTW or MMGW in the NE region:

Regional Coordinator
Diana L. Rogers
PH: 614.871.9002
Cell: 614-668-0686

Mailing Address
HSTW NE Ohio Region
115 Mountview Ct.
Mount Sterling, OH 43143
PH: 740.869.2650


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